sunny day

its the first sunny day in portland for weeks. i got up at 7:30am. clocked into work at 8:30am. got some stuff done. clocked out at 10:45am. rode into downtown. had lunch with chrisorourke at the roxy. first visit to the roxy in years. they dropped the funny names for each food item. mostly greasy and blah :(. nice employee though. after lunch i thought about where to work from. went to the backspace cafe. good hangout space and high hacker/WoW nerd content. it took me right by ground control so i got my DDR on for 15 minutes. that was awesome. the dance dance revolution extreme console just sitting there. it doesn't get used much.

a lot of my blogging chi is sucked out by twitter but the constraint of 140 characters gets to be too much.