good day yesterday

yesterday was a really good day. i got up at 7:30am jogged for 1.25 miles in the morning (its behind the 2 miles i should be at but at least i went). at 9am i was at the urban grind, doing work using the new laptop. the screen quality is rather blah but the speed, weight, and size are fantastic. at 1pm i went to portland staffing in downtown and met russell to work on the node install there. its a tenuous install as the node owner seems unsure as to whether its worth the hassle. we got further with the setup but could not complete it. another visit is needed.

as i was leaving (which is near PGE park), a downpour had begun and i was on my way to the new red&black cafe location. with the laptop in my non-waterproof-backpack and not being fully rain dressed, i waited under an overpass for 30 minutes and watched and listened to the rain fall. i went to veganopolis instead since it was close by and worked there for the afternoon. at 4:45pm i left and looked into the two big camera shops to look at a digital camera i'm interested in (SD1000). i had forgotten how much fun it is to be cafe hopping in downtown portland.

at 5pm i was at the NW luckylab for the Humananet get-together and a beer. russell was there as was sam churchill of i met a young php developer who worked next door and introduced her to twitter. there were 4 OLPC laptops on display and we played with one of them. its an amazing device and the mesh networking and collaboration is fantastic. way beyond what first-world laptop users have for collaboration.

at 7pm i left that and went over to the Web Innovators meeting (thanks upcoming, for keeping me in the loop) and listened to a talk about how big and amazing and awesome the market will be for cell phone applications and websites. i read the portland on fire profile of Lyza Gardner last week and joined her twitter followers list. she was at this talk, being part of 'cloud four', and i met her briefly afterwords.

at about 9:30pm i was biking up Belmont, hungry, and stopped at Laughing Planet for a burrito. so good. i got home at about 11pm and finally went to bed at 12am.