is linus a robot?

how does he manage so much change? i guess greg K-H is a big part of it as well, but damn. just browsing the changelog bakes my noodle. the ending of this paragraph puts it succinctly.

"Meanwhile, Linus has closed the 2.6.25 merge window and released 2.6.25-rc1. It is a huge patch. Among many other things, 2.6.25 will have realtime group scheduling, preemptible RCU, LatencyTop support, a bunch of ext4 filesystem enhancements, the controller area network protocol, Atheros wireless support, the reworked timerfd() system call, the page map patches, the SMACK security module, the container memory use controller, the ACPI thermal regulation API, and support for the MN10300/AM33 architecture. See the short-form changelog for lots of details, or the long changelog for more detail than anybody can cope with."