a good morning

12am go to sleep 6:50am alarm radio plays OPB 7:10am turn off alarm clock early because of pledge drive 7:15am get up. put on sweat pants, old tshirt 7:17am start washing machine 7:18am restart website after taking down the server last night 7:19am check email for anything really important 7:20am put on running shoes 7:21am stretch 7:24am start running 7:33am finish mile 1 7:37am stop half way through mile 2 7:40am pour cereal, milk 7:40am take shower 7:44am put on today's clothes 7:45am drag doncam from livingroom to kitchen for breakfast show 7:46am start organic, free-range eggs on low heat 7:47am eat cereal (cereal has had time to soak by now) and read east county paper 7:50am put empty bowl with leftover milk on floor for kitteh 7:45am scramble eggs, put on plate with fresh organic salsa 7:46am eat eggs 7:50am drag doncam back to livingroom 7:51am read email, blog feeds 8:15am check in for work without leaving the livingroom