The Truman Show

there are a handful of interesting people on the most interesting is cara of new york city. partly because she is the most dedicated. she fulfills the meaning of lifecasting by living, working, and sleeping in view of the everpresent webcam on her laptop. she's 25 years old - almost all the popular channels are young women. she is accessible in that she lives in a big city, and does ordinary 25-year-old things. she works at least two jobs. one as a vet tech and another as a bartender.

Justin founded "JTV" and made it interesting by 'going mobile'. a backpack mounted cam that he wore all the time. noone that i have seen takes the camera out of the one room in the house where they broadcast from. cara has an EVDO wireless connection and sometimes tells the camera/audience 'im taking you guys with me'. Ive seen the camera go with her to a cafe where she met friends for lunch and on Thursday nights she takes the laptop with her to her bartending job. I saw this happen last week. the camera was running while she was driving to work. it was somehow on her person when she walked down the street and into a coffee shop before arriving at work. all night the laptop was on the bar shelf and we could listen to the music playing and see her come into and out of the frame, mixing drinks or ringing up a tab.

when i say 'we', i mean everyone in the chatroom at the time. the regulars there are interesting in their own way. there is always someone there to answer a question from a new person. if someone asks how many pets she has or what her dog's name is, chances are its another chatroom member who answers. if she sleeps in late people will say 'she worked all night last night' and otherwise explain the situation.