i feel a bit like the winchell's man in commercials from the 80s whose catch phrase was 'time to make the doughnuts'. my breakfasts have been eggs on toast, and at the same time i'm making dough for a pizza at lunch. the plump ball of risen dough has potential as a really big doughnut or a small loaf of bread. ive tried making bagels before, thats harder to do but maybe its time for another try.

im doing that basic yoga sequence i posted earlier. it doesn't take long and i figure its gotta be good for me. i'd like to be able to do that yoga handstand.

i woke up to NPR's transmission of Bush's press conference. like the last conference, i was genuinely impressed at times with Bush's composition of ideas into a coherent answer and with his word choices (inclusive over exclusive, optimistic over pessimistic). he can really get on a roll about the hand-wavey concepts of the blessings of liberty.