downsizeDC and congress and baseball

This is a reproduction of an email i got today from that makes a lot of sense.

"They have time to hold hearings and investigations of the private non-violent behavior of individuals in a private business. Who do they think they are?! They are certainly not paragons of competence or moral virtue, and yet they dare to assume they are wise enough and good enough and competent enough to nanny everyone else."

I edited this down a bit because someone pointed out, and in further googling, baseball has been an institution that has dealings with congress since the 1800s. they also have an (unconfirmed) 'charter' from congress, giving congress some legitimate reason to oversee it.

The most important thing downsize dc is doing is the Read the Bills Act.

"Please also send a second message asking Congress to pass DownsizeDC's "Read the Bills Act." You can do that here."