i could really use a laptop. i am very intrigued by the subnotebook area that is being lead by the Asus EEE and I'm still trying to see one in person. there has been a lot of speculation lately about an apple subnotebook. that definitely gives me pause. an apple laptop in the 7"-10" range, ideally a tablet form factor. drool. it probably wont come until 1Q2008. maybe i'll get a EEE just to hold me over until then.

then there is the cellphone. an android phone with iphone-like hardware plus GPS. can you imagine if the apple computers were as closed off as the iphone? its disgusting and no way am i getting an AT&T contract. android phones are also 2008 items. ive all but given up on the neo1973 hardware.

i just came across the U810. its $1000 compared to the EEE $400 cost but you get a lot more computer. a regular 12" macbook could be had for $1000.

the Nokia N810 is a UMPC thats about $400 with an impressive list of features. i think the UMPC is too small. my next cell phone will be UMPC-like.