real-world video games

im reading this ars technia review of rockband. i am really exciting about this game that i may never play :). like dance dance revolution and guitar hero, its a physical game. a physical game that is assisted with computer interaction. i guess button-pressing is a physical game in the same sense but this is a big step up. DDR and GH proved the success of rhythm games. Rockband adds a social aspect to it. GH has two-player mode and I've played that with Seth a few times. This is the next level. A physical game that takes cooperation to achieve something positive.

i've been distracted all last week over the android platform. my next phone will most likely be an android-capable phone. there is a different sort of real-world opportunity for collaboration when the computer fits in your pocket and you can take it with you. although im at a loss for any really good ideas. it remains to be seen if there is enough cpu to do much with an onboard camera.