the internet is cool

two sweet internet apps ive been playing with this afternoon:

formerly the 'democracy player' has become Miro. The funny part is that on first look, it has more selection than Joost. A lot more homegrown, do it your self content. A bit less commercial content - no Babylon 5. There are no injected ads like Joost does so that explains why there is less commercial content. Miro is totally open source.  Its an RSS aggregator with a media player and a bittorrent client.

the other fun app is Medium. Its a firefox plugin that creates a social network and lets your friends see where you are surfing and vice versa. i got two friends to sign up and there were a couple 'ah ha!' moments that open your eyes to something really new. in 30 minutes of having each friend sign up, i knew something i never new about their interests. i think its important to share that stuff (which is why i blog) and for those not blog-inclined, its another way to share. my username is donpdonp if you want to try it out.