open social networking

the news of google's social network strategy is starting to come in, with an official announcement tomorrow.

Three major pieces: Person Profile, Social Connections, News Feed.

Here are my takes on those: The unique ID for a person is their openID. The Person Profile and the Social Connections is communicated with a FOAF document. The News Feed is found by looking for categories of services found via YADIS from the openID URL.

The social connections is a bit weird because FOAF normally connects people with their FOAF URLs. Id like to see their openID be the starting point, using YADIS to find specific services.

Service category examples in the yadis document: 'blog' pointing to the webpage and the rss feed of a blog, 'photos' pointing to photo storage, 'calendar' pointing to a webcal and rss (change log) address, 'socialnetwork' for when facebook and myspace have an rss changelog.

The 'news feed' is built up by looking at the rss feed of the entries in each service category.

two big questions: 1a what will OpenSocial use for an identifier for each user? their google-registered email address? 1bwhat auth system will OpenSocial use, the google auth system?

2 will OpenSocial use oauth?