Biking North

i've looked  at a zillion ways to get from Portland, Or to Vancouver BC by October 6th. Basically I want to spend as little as possible. I'm back to having more time than money where this summer i had more money than time. Biking to san francisco was amazing and ive done the STP (seattle to portland) a couple times. I haven't been outside enough since i've been back and hey, biking/camping is a lot of outdoors time.

plus being at klickitat my bike miles have exploded from 1 mile a day to 10-20 miles a day. my legs are so sore. plus the bike GPS/LCD display project all sort of points to making this trip. I really wanted to sail there but I don't have the knowledge and experience yet.

So using a somewhat leisurely pace of 60 miles a day, its 314 miles if you go by I5. Id like to go around/though the olympic national park and take a ferry or two. i gotta see what the pac coast bike trip bible says, the book i used to get to sanfran (i forget the title). assuming a direct route, thats about 5 days. Start date Monday Oct 1.