home made clothes

i believe fancy underwear is worth the price. my last tshirts were ralph lauren polo tshirts and they were the most comfortable tshirts ever. my current tshirt(undershirt) supply is near zero so i go to the mall to stores like nordstroms or macys that i otherwise never go near. a 3-pack of tshirts is $30. yow. plus they dont have the style and size im looking for, so i leave. then i thought hey couldnt i get something similar from a hand-made store in town?

ive always though it odd how such a high percentage of clothes being word by people on the street are machine-made. making a meal at home is not unusual. why are clothes different? its labor intensive and more expensive.

there are stores, i think, in portland that deal in hand-made clothes. id like to look at some. post a comment if you know of a place. the first thing i though of was my friend's crafting site lov.li.