3D Printer from "Destop Factory"

engadget has a story on a $5000 3D printer.

Truely amazing stuff. Its good to be reminded of these 3D printers once in a while. 3D CAD files will suddenly become very important as thats all you need to print out an XYZ of whatever you might need.

I know id like a handlebar mount for my new USB LCD display.

Good comments: "This is the Apple II of a whole new revolution." "Saw this and several 200K+ machines at a factory yesterday, they even had a couple for metal (DMLS) including titanium! The detail is incredible, you can make a complex working gearbox with all the cogs inside from a single 'block'. It is the future of manufacturing no doubt.." "In all serious, that's amazing. Remember just a few years ago when we were paying $5000 just for color laser printing? Now that much money buys you a replicator. Wow."

A mention was made of fabathome.