im working on resurrecting doncam.

hardware: Creative Live! Cam (model VF0220, USB ID 041e:4053) USB 640x480 webcam. $30 from Fry's

600mhz gentoo server with USB

software: gspcav1 kernel driver

vlc command line for motion-jpeg on server port 8080 vlc v4l:/dev/video0:size=320x240 --sout "#transcode{vcodec=MJPG}:duplicate{dst=display, dst=std{access=http,mux=mpjpeg}}" -v --noaudio 2> /dev/null

this is viewable with vlc as vlc http://server_ip:8080

The goal is to get support from a flash player so anyone  can watch the cam from a web browser. Its hard to find actual info on what hardware and software actually works so I hope this specific information is helpful to someone trying to do something similar.

The video quality of the camera (or the driver?) is quite poor. Im trying to get info from the people on about what cameras and software they use. Im also looking for a way to encode to streaming flv for use with the free 'jw' flash player, or to find a free flash player that can play mpeg4 directly.