office music

it might be a bit silly but here is another web2.0 idea.

my office plays XM music 24 hours a day. its actually cool, and nice to have. but of course the choice of stations is a matter of contention. there is some mellow channel that we mostly agree on. the problem is the playlist never changes. after 5 months ive heard some songs a hundred times.

a music management app, but more importantly, a consensus building app. wait this is just the voting site idea in disguise, or maybe an application of the result of voting.

XM sucks by the way! crappy channel choice and its silly that we use the electronics to get the satellite signal when we have a DS3 pipe and there are internet services with a lot more variety. integrating such stations into a 3rd party voting app would be a bit difficult.

it also brings up the notion of, is concensus the best way to make decisions in this case? i think there are exceptions as to when to apply majority rule. sometimes its nice to let someone else make the decision, as long as the subject is below a certain i-care-about-this threshold.