calories in / calories out

my body made this deal with me, i get to eat what i want if i appreciate healthy food, and i am fairly active every day. stretching, 3+ miles of cycling, sometimes running. every day. the nice part is i dont have to think about it. i just have a fairly active day, mostly due to bike commuting. if the terms of that deal changes, it takes time for the body to respond. when i biked to sanfran, the output went Way up and within a few days the appetite went way up. afterwards i the appetite slowed down over a week.

here in LA,  the output has gone to near-zero, while the input has stayed the same or even gone up slightly, plus its greasier, fattier food. i feel a pile of jello and ive never been heavier. i literally sit on my bouncy ball all day long, getting up long enough to relocate myself to somewhere i can eat, then coming right back. i leave work later than ever and im too tired to exercise by then. so i sit. and sit. i sometimes think of that hanibal lecter movie where the 'sloth' sin was the guy strapped to the bed with a feeding tube.

i'll be glad when i am moving around again on a daily basis.