the what-to-do-post-august meter is spinning again. its pointing more to the buy-empty-land-and-build-a-cob-house sort of farming subsistence.

september, though, would be late in the year to get started. september is warm and october can be warm. maybe i'd park a trailer on the lot for the first winter. spending a long cold winter in a run-down trailer out in the boonies somewhere? why? seems not-fun.

id like to look at options. assuming no more income after august, i'd be most cash-rich in september, with the amount lowering every month until it reached some kind of low-water mark. dave j. made a good point that owning land "makes" the income that would have gone to rent.

a lot of this is based in anxiety management. i think either a new relationship or powerful drugs would rearrange my priorities.

september is also too late in the year for growing food. its the very end of the growing season.

also, farming means a lot of work. i imagine many people were glad to leave the farm for the city once they were old enough. if you grew up there, you knew exactly what it was and you probably experienced all it had to offer by age 12. people wanted to get an education and perhaps see the world. to be able to buy a meal at a restaurant when ever you wanted to, without collecting food and preparing it.