how does your garden grow?

owning the means of production. having land and a garden was an important means of production in the pre-industrial age. the farm was the farm family's largest investment and it provided many necessities.

last summer, during the village building convergence, i met someone who worked at a local pub who said he was preparing to 'walk to the earth.' which would be a mostly on-foot trip into central and south america.

the mere two week bike trip from astoria or to san francisco ca was one of the most meaningful trips of my life. i bring it up sometimes when i'm discussing travel or biking.

jennifer talks a lot about music and concerts. i need to do more of that. and dancing. my tango instructors both talked about trips to latin america to 'study' argentinian tango. the mexican group rodrigo and gabriela have an amazing sound. its similar to the gypsy kings, which is some of the best music ever.