Earth-like planet found


"Potentially Habitable Planet Discovered Outside Our Solar System

Gliese_581 Astronomers have discovered a planet outside our solar system that's so similar to Earth it might sustain life. Its temperature runs between 32 and 104F. It's 14 times closer to its star (a red dwarf) than we are to the Sun, but the star, Gliese 581 (shown at right), is smaller and dimmer. The star is 20.5 light years from Earth and located in the Libra constellation."

All these years of watching the starts and this is the first one found that is earth-like. What an opportunity to dream.

and another good quote "An astronomer who helped discover the first potentially habitable planet outside our solar system says there's lots more where that came from.

"This is just the first discovery," said Xavier Delfosse, at France's Grenoble University. "During the years to come, we will find others.""