it was an okay weekend, lots of it was spent on the yarn site, which will be ending soon.

the highlight was a bike ride down the beach about 10 miles or so. the cement path is literally embedded in the beach (sand on both sides). there are two sections with firepits and many small groups were using them. I biked out at 5pm or so. It was after dark when I was biking back and the firepits were all ablaze. there were two or three distinct sections of beach. one was next to a trailer park with working families mostly. one section was all teenagers. that was really cool to see as they seemed to be having a great time and imagine its something that happens most every weekend for them. at a long, dark empty stretch i stopped and listened to the waves and looked at the stars and the beautiful homes and just soaked it all in. it was fantastic. i love having the ocean so close by.

the  Lord of the Rings online  launches tomorrow.