ive been running the last 3 of 4 mornings. oh its good. yesterday i did 3 miles. i'm on track to complete the shamrock run. yesterday was a paced run, going for distance, running steady. today i was tired from not sleeping too well and i planned on a shorter run anyways. i could experiment, stopping often to stretch, i thought about relaxing and running at the same time. and i could sprint. oh yeah sprint. running is a bit like rubbing a waterballon and if you try, you can burst the balloon and release a rush of adrenaline. its like the scene where wolverene is riding the motorcycle of cyclops and finds the 'turbo' button. the scene where he's grinning from ear to ear. it also takes the right music. my mp3 player is broken where its only good for the radio so i'm switching stations frequently because there are so many ads. but then someone plays an upbeat dance song and i'm off to the races.