missed meetings

there was a club meeting that i would have really liked to have gone to last night but simply spaced it. i need my cell phone to remind me of appointments. ive had the same phone for probably 5 years now. i was ready to get a new phone but then the iPhone came out and blew my mind. So i though id wait six more months. the proprietaryness and cingular-lockin is a big turnoff but not as much as the wait.

then comes openmoko. its got at least some of the features of the iphone. i can use it as a phone and a (simple) music player, which is 70% of what i want. its 100% open source. it goes on sale in a month.

multitouch, movie playback, and wifi are all huge. the only unique feature of openmoko is that it has usb master. which means i can hang all kinds of interesting stuff off it, for instance for wifi use i can plug in a usb wifi radio. okay okay i really just want an iPhone but we'll see how it goes.

a secretary would also be nice.