the flight was only an hour and fifteen minutes, yet weather-wise this is another country. its just like summer again and its november. mid-to-late november. i was just getting used to the beauty and cold of fall in portland but now that im here, im loving this. im wearing a t-shirt and not wearing long underwear. the door to my hotel room is open. its great.

i didnt get out much this weekend. mostly did errands like groceries and laundry and watched some tv. the expense of traveling to san fran kept me from visiting yesterday, even by bus, i wanted to save the $20 it would have taken round-trip. im spending plenty on eating out, although i have found a near-by fruit market and i got a bunch of carrots, little tomatoes, apples, and grapefruits. ive also been eating a lot of cheerios and milk. i mean a lot. i used to have it for breakfast every day. lately ive been having two or three bowls a day as a snack. the grains are good and i used to drink a whole lot of cow's milk. ive drifted away from milk all together over at least the last year. like TV watching, my habbits have switched while staying here.

the pacific ocean is 20 miles to the west. ive given some thought to moving down here if the job looks like it will be around for a while. ive always wanted to live on the coast and this could be a way to do it.

favorite tv shows: mama's place, discovery channel dirty jobs, discovery channel everest summit show.

since im walking a mile or two a day to get to various places, i tend to make phone calls to friends. it gives me a chance to talk and makes the walk pass by quickly. although the road noise makes it hard to hear. its a bit lonely, not having any friends in town and not feeling particularly personable with my coworkers. at the same time im making good money and am very happy at the propect of paying down debt.

i'll be back in portland on thursday, then i should be returning to palo alto on sunday for another week down here. this week should go by fast and air travel is once again a big novelty for me, even fun.