first sail

yesterday i used my newly-acquired sailboat for the first time. i got a lot of help from tyler who drove me between the origin and destination two times and helped me drive/sail the boat to its new slip. it was a 25 mile journey that took 7 hours. it was much slower than anticipated. we took some time to run up the sails and sail into the wind. mostly we got around without the motor. it's apparent that at one point someone was really into taking care of the boat, but since then its been ignored for a long time. the interior furnishings like the toilet and the cooking stove have been completely removed - i imagine a racer was trying to reduce weight. my interest is more of a floating apartment so a stove and toilet are particularly important. there is lots of opportunity for carpentry.

even though the motor is slow its great to put around when the wind is quiet or the channel is too narrow. its quiet and peaceful on the water. getting into the slip just after dark and with a full moon was simply fantastic. i look forward to taking friends and family members for rides.