sustainable growth

gridcolo has taught me something about sustainable growth. i thought there was a fair chance of say a dozen people signing up within a couple month. people i didnt know.

the reality is that i have one anchor tenant, one customer who i know from PTP and a third person whom a friend of mine recommended to gridcolo. i know each customer through emails and i have an idea of what they use gridcolo for. the customer base is more or less happy. there was an 8 hour outage a couple weeks ago, thats why i say more or less. its a bit like simcity, with your customers walking around with a bubble indicator over their heads showing a satisfaction rating.

a different friend, who is a web entrepreneur, inquired about gridcolo service. i gave him a couple weeks of free service so he could try it out. I would like to automate a small amount of free service time but it'd be too much of a target for abuse i think. hmm. if i could rely on a reputation system and let them try it out if they have enough whuffie, that'd be cool. rapleaf maybe.