yesterday was good, although a bit expensive. i came to the stephouse office in the morning and did some gridcolo work and random misc internet stuff.  I was hoping for a shuttle launch but was disappointed. Jon, who is down from seattle, came by at noon and we went out for lunch. i looked at performance of the pentium D box and something is really wrong performance wise. i use a perl script that calculates pi to an arbitrary number of digits. the 2.0ghz sempron can calculate pi to 1000 digits in 3.7 seconds. the 2.8 ghz pentium D takes 4.3 seconds. The upside is that the sempron running two copies of the pi calculation takes 6.8 seconds each while the pentium D takes the same 4.3 seconds each. go dual core.

im using 32bit ubuntu and ive read that  should try the amd64 version of ubuntu. im really behind in understanding the 64bitness of 64 bit processors and even less for 64bit operating systems. i got the mobo to replace a sempron cpu/mobo although so far im bewildered by how slow its been running. the Fry's employee warned me about the cpu/mobo combo that i bought although i forget just what part he said was lacking.

then there was a conference call with a stephouse client over a drupal project that might need help. it was long and for the most part ineffective, although important overall to have, the same goals could have been reached in 15 minutes instead of the hour and a half call. software project management is hard to do well. i was feeling euphoric after the call.

once that was finished i went to unthirsty to see when the portland steak and chophouse had their happy hour. they have a good $3 hamburger, nice atmosphere, and a professional staff. although they were Very Slow last night. it took 20 minutes to get a coors light. Seth joined me for dinner. Then it was off to a personal telco cafe install. We did Sip & Kranz in the pearl. It hopefully gets some coverage of Jamison square, the only public greenspace in the pearl. It went fairly well, with Russell taking lead. Once that was over, seth and i headed to the magic garden and had a good talk over a couple pints of Guiness.