i woke up early today. ive been taking a very quick jog around the block before getting in the shower. i have a key to the office im at downtown and came in early. i came in early because i want to be in the environment where i feel i can do something useful. although its a horribly warped view of useful in the scheme of all of history. i feel like a self-starter. im not necessarily getting paid today, although there might be some paid hours. work on gridcolo or dailywireless are something where you dont get paid per hour, you build a money machine. it might turn out a few dollars an hour but it can run 24 hours a day. even while you're on vacation.

i know what its like to come into the office because you actually want to. noone is expecting me to be here. what happens today is what i make of it. there are opportunities to build the next internet phenomenon, or whatever you find important. its what i want although to date its not sustainable, income-wise. i read a job description about  an interesting sanfrancisco startup. it was the most gung-ho job description ive ever read, about type A personalities, #1 "rock star" software coders, 70 hour work weeks, big pay. im not like that. i like to start early and be done by 3. i value tranquility and laughter and tend to avoid conflict, usually to a fault.

meme for today: single sign on -> identity management -> reputation  (open id)                  (?/          (?/