what a ride

ive always said the upside of manicdepressive is the mania. im feeling a strong dose of anxiety but also of enjoyment.

im at the cafe and about to do some cleanup of the code changes i made yesterday for stephouse.

i got a positive review from one gridcolo customer via email, and another customer who ive been working with to get a new kernel built with the options they want is finally happy with their setup.

plus Fry's is running an ad for the mobo that ive been looking for. gridcolo is getting a hardware upgrade. this purchase will be made with gridcolo generated dollars. all $175 of profit that the site has made to date is going into a $179 Athlon 64 X2 3800+ with Pacifica virtualization tech. bitchin.

the personal debt is holding the line at the zero-barrier point. frozen in time if you will, which feels great.

plus the sailing thing has been fun to look into. i went out to Marina 1, where the boat will most likely be moored at. they have a cafe at the end of a dock. its so peaceful to watch the waves and move up and down with the water while leaning back on a picnic bench and drinking a soda.

at the lighthouse (where i live, the name is a coincidence), the canadian cob building and his wonderful family are back. twin 3 year old boys. plus another cob site person has 7 and 9 year old girls. the kids are a ton of fun. they're teaching me to do a cartwheel.