sandy river

omg i just got back from a grueling bike ride. i set out to find the sandy river at I84 but instead found it at oxbow park. the park inside a very steet valley. going down to the park i was getting worried because it just kept going down and that means its that much work to get back out. once at the park i got off my bike and changed into my tevas. the river was so cold which made it extra extra refreshing. got in here and  i swam around for a bit and then started to walk upstream in order to jump in and float with the current downstream.

by about 150th i was pulling off the road to stop and rest every 80 blocks or so. i got to mt hood pizza on burside and 47th for pizza and beer. the first third of that beer was the best beer ever. the river wasnt overly crowded and it was so refreshing and fun, i plan on going back soon.