high stress day

 yesterday i got paid by stephouse - yea! july expenses are covered. thats a huge relief. although short lived because august rent is just 2 weeks away. ive got a lead on remote RoR word for qualityhumans. i also have become temporarily obsessed with milliondollarhomepage.com which i found out about just yesterday. i plan on making a copycat site in RoR while im at the urban grind today.

ive got some house stress too because a cat has been peeing on things and the discussion of which cat did it and what to do about it has me stressed for a couple different reasons.

i even pinged my brother about moving back into klickitat. good golly. on the other hand i havent woken up to go to a job in 4.5 months. thats amazing. its not like vacation but its a profound freedom. im enjoying the summer weather and im not stuck in a steel and glass cage with recycled air.