good times

i finished a 3.5 day job just now. it was a great feeling. suddenly im back on my own time and back at the urban grind, to put work into the 'default projects' of dailywireless and gridcolo.

june's expenses were paid for (barely) from may's work. this job has paid for july's rent. thats freaking awesome. today i woke up with no alarm clock, went into the client's swanky office and worked until 1pm. when i was done, i was free to do as i pleased. i biked over to the UG and im going to meet sam about the migration from phpnuke to wordpress. its work, but its fun! im talking to people, im moving around. literally.

well also im in a good mood because i did So Much dancing on Sunday. two hours of ecstatic dance in the morning, and two hours of swing dancing in the evening. fun music, cute girls. i cant say im any better at getting dates but this is where i should be. id be better to spread it out a bit though and not bunch everything up on sundays.

i dont know when i'll be 'on the clock' and getting paid again this month, but im not as stressed as i was in May, and in the mean time, i have some freedom. i didnt take a vacation once in the 1.75 years i was at my last job. now i dont know if i'll be working one day or four days this week.  thats why gridcolo is important, it works for me even when im not.