gak. im used to monday's being stressful, but yesterday and today have been double-whammys. turns out my bank is behind by 3 days processing credit card charges and my account is poised to reach $10k. this eliminates much of the work i did over the last six months to pay it down. f&$*.

deep breath. emergency plans start forming. vacating the room im renting and biking for a month or two sounds appealing although doesnt exactly deal with having an income. non-computer jobs, anything. there is a certain appeal in that too. something where id interact with people in a positive, non-electronic-mediated way, could be great for my personal development. something outdoors with kids would be sweet.

i could freak out much less by making a little bit. i thought grid colo would pay the rent. it has two customers (counting dailywireless). it needs 13 more.