oh man this morning was stressful. its MID-MAY and june's bills are coming on like a freight train. the debt is piling up, my efforts to pay it down have gone backwards in time and im back to where i was last fall. im upset about it.

i have an interview tomorrow (yea). although i fear im walking right back into a work situation where im giving up all my time to just hold on. these past 2.5 months have been fantastic as far as a peaceful and relaxed day-to-day existance. i think my anxiety affects my life in the long term without hardly being aware of it.

in other news, ive found an interesting form of gambling. is a website that was reviewed by techcrunch today. its based in barbados of course. you gamble, oh yes, but with advertisers' money, not your own. the members of the site are given one cent. they play simple video-games to win pennies from other players in the system. all of the money into the system comes from adversers and they show you a video ad before each game, plus ask you a simple quesiton about the ad after its over. its not gambling because a) the players are not spending their own money and b) in the terms of service moola says it doesnt have to pay anyone anything at all, even if they win.

all the winning is based on doubling your amount so after one win you have 2 cents. after 8 wins you have $2.56 (gotta love numbers of two taken to a power). this morning at least one player had 17 wins ($1310.72). if you lose once, you loose it all to your opponent.

i usually tire quickly of video games but they have one that im liking just for the strategy.