one of the nine startups at e27 is called "Robert Pazornik’s LicketyShip has the potential to be a big winner. It is an ecommerce service that can deliver purchased goods within two hours of placing the order. The magic? They combing local retail shops with the apparent over-capacity in the local courier market."

could spazmo be dusted off and launched? its a better idea. anyone can be a 'courier'. its a services ebay.

i want to make $5 this afternoon so i can pay for lunch. i dont want to spend a week interviewing and being an employee. i want an odd job. delivery is something that is pretty easy to do and lots of people have a car or bike to get around in. i would sign on to spazmo and see what delivery work is available.

from the consumer end, its the return of kozmo (point and click cookie delivery in an hour was freaking rad). kozmo died because it had inventory. spazmo resells the inventory of existing retailers. i wonder if local supermarkets, etc would complain that spazmo indexes what products are available in what stores for what price.

i was about to launch spazmo when my friend darrin got me a job at color technology inc.. now ive left that spot.

spazmo also rules because its not a pure internet play. it has a real-world component. in involves people moving around and stuff moving around. i imagine there are other services that will work but we can start with delivery.

lets say yard work was another one. then there is a much higher expectation of quality and the labor is much more like maunal labor and you might have someone watching over you all the time. couriers are always non-supervised.