its may 1st. the timer has run out on gridcolo.

march - coding april 1-15 - coding april 15-30 - open for business

during the open for business time, i expected customers to 'just show up'. if they dont, then that tells me what ive got isnt compelling enough. ive spread the word a bit through a couple wiki sites. i got one friend to sign up for a small server. he paid but hasnt actually logged in to create his server, so that just barely counts as a customer. gridcolo will continue - the anchor tenant of pays for the operating expenses. its just not job 1 anymore.

what is job 1? finding a job i suppose. part of me is saying go camping or even travel for a while. i would travel if i left my apartment and used the rent money for that, but i dont want to do that right now. id like to bike somewhere to camp. either into the coastal range or the mt hood forrest. the coastal range is pretty high which means cold so i imagine i'll go into the mt hood forrest.