someones doing it better

i was looking at other xen-based VPS companies. The first one i saw, gridcolo is actually cheaper and gridcolo's website is better. but man its a sucky feeling when you come across a place like from what ive read they do everything that gridcolo does and they do it better.

does that mean that i should stop, give up?

did Kia look around and say "oh, General Motors is already doing this better."? There used to be a local grocery store chain called Thriftway, but they no longer exist. I assume Safeway put them out of business.

its human relationships and providing "real value" that matters. the one real gridcolo relationship that exists is with the ISP/colo we use, stephouse. the "value proposition" is avoiding the hastle and expense of assembling your own server and hosting it at home or with a colo.

why do i seek to start from zero with my own little ship rather than joining someone else's ship? because i creave the autonomy more than anything else. i have very few expectations to manage.

Quantact uses "The Power of Root" as a catch-phrase. Gridcolo needs a catch phrase.

rejected phrases: Got Root? root = freedom The power to serve (taken) Where root is king. hmm. something about a kingdom. your own  kingdom.