week 4

its the start of week 4. the second half of last week was spent on PC hardware issues from box #2. the SATA II drive i got didnt play nice with the SATA I controller on the mobo. after much futzing and bios upgrades, i swaped the 250GB SATA II drive with the 200GB PATA drive in my desktop. ubuntu server is loaded and im working on xen configuration. its a bit trickier this time because im using LVM and the initrd stuff has to be tweaked. once xen is running then box #2 can go into colo.

i have two modes, software development and hardware/unix admin. software mode means being at the urban grind, hacking on my laptop. hardware mode means being at home, playing with boxes. i expect to be in software mode 80% of the time. since hardware mode took up a bunch of last week im putting it aside for now. plus i have an affinity to being at the UG on mon and tue reliably.

like i was saying, three weeks passed and the most important milestone, can gridcolo start taking customers, hasnt been reached yet. im happy with the progress, but im doing battle with keeping the complexity of the website to a minimum.