USA debt

One of the legacies of the bush administration is a crushing debt load.

Bush raises debt limit

"President George W Bush signed a $781bn boost in the federal debt limit into law on Monday, raising the ceiling to $8.965 trillion.

The senate approved the increase last week, helping the US avoid a default on the national debt. The raise is the fourth since Bush took office, when the limit was $5.95 trillion. "

Why does congress continually agree to war and debt? it easy to blame bush but congress also put their stamp of approval on these laws.

A default on national debt. i believe an example of this is government bonds, like the EE bonds that are popular with individual investors, would not have their dividends paid - a basic part of government functioning. in the other news articles you'll see stories about how the US economy is "strong".

Jan 20 2009. Bush's Last Day .com