la vida cafe, for realz

i came to the UG today and got my usual mackerchino and a breakfast sandwich. i like coming in the door and having the employees know me by name. i park my bike and walk over to sit down. then i find irving from prostructure and david from news for neighbors sitting at the table. both very cool, friendly guys who are totally tied into the portland non-profit, techy scene. i know them from past PTP meetings, OSCON, and the usual venues for this crowd. they greet me with a hello mr park and im feeling welcomed and happy. we start talking about what im doing these days and gridcolo and Xen. irving talks about how he's working with xen and with sun webservices engine for a new startup. i pimp the openid coolness and show them that gridcolo does openid.

last friday i met someone from oreilly while at costello's who is into ruby. he helps with the emerging telephony conference. i added him to my linkedin network.

i love the random interaction of la vida cafe (the cafe lifestyle). its what was described in the city repair handbook. im not saying any of this is getting me a job. in two days the first half-month will have come and gone with no paycheck to show for it.

if you measure social interaction business networking personal satisfaction caffiene intake

they've all gone up 300%