backspace networking

im at backspace tonight. my schedule today was 8am-11am misc errands (some work related, some not) 11-12pm coding (work related) 12pm lunch 1pm some coding (work related) 2pm-4pm bathtub, vietnam reading 6-9pm dinner, beers with Jeff 10pm-11pm backspace (work related)

the bathtub reading time was amazing. add the fact that today darrin goes to singapore, it really got me thinking about different possibilities and lifestyle choices. like going on another longish trip to SE asia or moving/working in europe. the finding a girl and settling down thing aint happening.

dinner with Jeff was fun. i felt more engaged than usual and we hung out and talked longer than usual.

at backspace i met with drew for a bit and he suggested i sell virtual colo boxes at a discount to established local businesses whose customers are often looking for colo. not only that but drew lent me a T22 thinkpad woot!! now I have a laptop on a longish-term basis and dont have to worry too much about breaking unlike amy's T30.

so i've got some lucid periods but i still feel very low-energy, like i have most of my adult life. its frustrating.