first day part two

i realized two things today. 1. the time im working more closely matches my energy cycle. the afternoons were sooo long. its 8:45pm now and Im at the backspace cafe which is open late. im not sure when i'll get to bed. i used to get to bed by 10pm and up and 7am. the earlier the better. now its not clear what my sleep schedule should be. also its only been one day and the novelty of it all is making this more exciting than they probably will be in a few weeks.

  1. today has been very social. i had lunch with amy and seth and we went to the UG where we met with tom for the afternoon. then it was a PTP meeting at the luckylab. I went to backspace on my own but as soon as i sat down i was next to jeff hunt, a friend i knew from 4 or 5 years ago, plus frank, a portland cafe mainstay, who used to come to ptp monthly meetings. both of whom knew me by name, which i find gratifying.

i was reading about a new game called "spore" from the maker of the Sims series of games. there was a quote that he was inspired by the book A Pattern Language: Towns Buildings Construction by Christopher Alexander. I was intrigued for the natual environment/living spaces angle. at the monthly meeting Russell, who seems well read, pointed out that the book was also inspiration for software patterns.

its been fun and exciting day one. there is part of me that says by not going to work today, I "paid" $150 to have this day. And I'll do the same tomorrow and the next day. Yikes. sounds expensive. Im hoping this is one of those things that by not being blinded by the tit of a nice paycheck at a job that i dont like, by seeing the bigger picture, im orienting my life towards something much more gratifying. Fortune favors the bold.