skibowl last night

oh yeah. i went snowboaring last night at skibowl. it was Awesome. They had 4" of new snow the night before and the skies have been clear since then. I was at work asking everyone I knew if they wanted to go night skiing, but there were no takers. I went on my own with a flexcar. I went up a couple levels in boarding skill from just those few hours (6pm-9:30pm). the upper bowl has tons of powder and i was half boarding/half sliding down the black diamond runs. On the upper bowl you can see half of mt hood and the surrounding area. its stunning to look at. it felt a bit like frodo looking at mt doom (minus the smoke and dark tower). By the end of the night I was really flying down some of the easier runs. At the end of the upper bowl, there is a steep part that ends at a fairly long flat part. At the other end of the flat part is the lift so you have to go fast down the hill to get enough momentum to reach the chair. if you dont, then you walk the distance. the back half of this hill/flat area was a foot or so of power. i rode straight down that. Suddenly the board felt light a freight train instead of a unicycle. i was leaning wayy back and plowing through the snow very fast. by about 9pm i was really getting tired from riding and beat-up from falling. i'm going to meadows on sunday with a girl i met at darrin's holiday party a month ago. that should be great fun.

i experimented with jumps. i got about 4" of air, landed, then crashed. id love to be able to do a 180 in the air. thats my goal.