scifi swing

When battlestar galactica came out, it was incredible. Finally a scifi TV show worth watching. Having the tie-in of the old series which all gen-x geeks are familiar with made it that much more fun. Having it come from the scifi channel instead of one of the big networks also added to its 'fresh' appeal.

The first season was also a turning point in TV distribution. This series got enormous distribution in the p2p arena. I think it sent a pretty loud message to the networks that if they dont start providing content in the format that people want it, digital files, it will be done for them.

Battlestar season one ended and I lost touch with the series, figuring Id hear about the next season whenever it came out in Jan/Feb of 2005. A few months went by and I heard murmurs about season 2 airing but for some reason I didnt really care. Then came Serenity in the summer of 2005. Once I saw the movie I was hooked. Im going through the DVD set and I absolutely love it. Having TV episodes on DVD means I can watch it ad-free and on my own schedule.

Then something amazing happened - the incomparible delivery network called iTunes started hosting video. The first round of TV series available totally sucked. Then I was reading the news online one day and read how NBC just released a few new series to iTunes. I went over to iTunes and they put up series worth watching. I was excited because its the first real offering of an alternative to broadcast TV. It was like buying a DVD for the first time.

Hmm. this train of thought has totally died. so let me suffice to say im about done with firefly and slowly getting back into battlestar galactica. i look forward to watching episode 2.