ramblin man

I can settle dow-own and be doin'just fine Til I hear an old train rollin'down the line Then I hurry strai-aight home and pack And if I didn' go, I believe I' blow my stack I love you ba-aby, but you gotta understand When the lord made me He made a ramblin' man.

Some folks might sa-ay that I' no good That I wouldn' settle down if I could But when that open ro-oad starts to callin'me There' somethin'o'r the hill that I gotta see Sometimes it' har-rd but you gotta understand When the lord made me, he made a ra-amblin'man.

I love to see the tow-owns a-passin'by And to ride these rails 'eath god' blue sky Let me travel this la-and from the mountains to the sea 'Cause that' the life I believe he meant for me And when I' go-one and at my grave you stand Just say God called home your ra-amblin'man.