forrest park

i ran for 6 miles last night in Forrest park with Erika. The park is so beautiful and the time of year and time of day made the hour or so run a wonderful commune with nature.

"Various setbacks delayed the formation of the forested park, including rumors of oil existing in the hillside, until the City Club of Portland undertook a feasibility study which it published in 1945. From there the 'Committee of Fifty' civic leaders persevered until 4,200 acres were formally dedicated as Forest Park on Wildwood TrailSeptember 23, 1948. Additional acres have been added over the years; Forest Park now includes over 5,000 wooded acres making it the largest forested natural area within city limits in the United States. ...

An abundance of wildlife (more than 112 bird and 62 mammal species) can be found in Forest Park. With its massive tree canopy and substantial undergrowth, the park serves as a natural air purifier, water collector, and erosion controller."

the ideas that created forrest park get more valuable every year. now it would be near impossible to designate that much land in the heart of the city to a park. im so glad its there.