The John Deer effect

yesterday i was spending some time learning more about dbus. the reason being ap radar needs to be split into a root daemon and a userspace app. the dbus list of projects includes networkmanager. at first glance, it pretty much obliterates the need for ap radar. it solves a broader problem and has a significant developer interest in it, including heavyweight robert love.

its like you are a farmer, and you know something about metalsmithing. So you build a horse drawn plow. And people love the design and you make it better. Its got flaws but it gets the job done and youve been using it for years, with more grand plans in the back of your head but never having time to persue them. all the while in the neighboring town a whole team of engineers is building a john deer and one day you walk by their barn and have a look inside. In a moment your plow is obsolete and it makes more sense to put your efforts into the shock absorbers (a place to contribute to the new project with the equivalent size of the old project) of the john deer than to continue working on your plow.