OpenOregon take 2

Today, after having my mind blown again by news of cool tech stuff going on in the software development/social software/roboics/space exploration, etc. domains, i dreamed an old dream of office space in portland for geeks to come geekout at.

Then I thought of Open Oregon. It could have been muy cool and I still want to see something similar happen. A big space. A big open space with a smooth, flat, dry, cement floor and lots of windows. Suddenly Im reminded of the East Bank Commerce Center (i cant believe they dont have a website). But something so cheap I could rent it myself. I'd setup lots of cafeteria tables with no walls so people could always look across the room and see other people. Run lots of power strips and cat 5 jacks and say "geeks who code - come one come all". This is your place to be a generation X slacker. Its free. Its cool. Hang out on the couch all day if you're a slob or setup your own computer and code and hack and read slashdot all day. It would provide a real service to those people. People need  a place to live that has more structure than being at home and much less structure than being at work. "employment" is dead anyways.

I'd even be willing to plunk some number of hundreds of dollars per month if I could do it on a month to month basis. The bigger problem is that Id have to leave my job to enjoy it.

Anyone know of a floor in a warehouse thats month to month and cheap in portland oregon?