so much cool stuff

social software take 7:

the scheduling sites like and are falling prey to heavy advertising. people are starting to write their own, with some success -

they all need federated identity. i am so tired of making new accounts on every service and rebuilding my profile with personal stats and photos etc.

the BBC is playing with streaming TV shows to end users over the net. Fiber to the home is being built out to upper class neighborhoods. The space shuttle is launching next month. the xbox360 will have 6 powerPC cores and the playstation 3 has 9 cores on cell processors. People are flowing weather ballons connected to digital cameras to the edge of space and taking pictures. Honda has ASIMO <a href=""&gt;jogging at 3km/hour</a>.

is this a resurgence in consumer computing innovation? and thats to say nothing of biotech and nanotech. the rate of change keeps speeding up. i want to quit my job and explore this stuff full time, but i think id just end up with freetime, no cashflow and lot of cool ideas. currently i have cash flow and some ideas but no time.