physics accelerators

Yes. I've hoped someone would come out with a physics accelerator.

I was at the backspace cafe last night. I saw some of Worlds of Warcraft, which is an amazing looking game. Yet its still the same basic technology of your little man is always in the center of the screen, and "flying" is having a different animation in the center of the screen. When worlds become completely modifiable and physics rules, that will be amazing. you've heard of "player built cities"? you aint seen nothin yet. it was MMORPGs and a "pebble based" physics system that got me interested in distributed computing in the first place. pebble based means the world is composed only of these pebble sized things, plus a set of physics rules.

What if the world started out mostly empty and players can literally construct a city with their bare hands by picking pebbles up, stacking pebbles, changing the course of a river by digging, etc.. hmm. having more local CPU power may not help much for such a distributed world. low-latency data connections is probably more important.